Eurasian Garden (Hong Kong) Ltd (EGHK) was inaugurated in 1994 as a specialist Tree Care company apart from the parent company Eurasian Garden Ltd. which was set up in 1948.EGHK is the major sponsor of ISA HK /China ( in the territory of Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan & China.EGHK primarily focuses on Arboricultural Consultancy, Tree Work & Quality Tree Supply. Under EGHK, there are two branch companies to serve these functions: Eurasian Tree Care (ETC) focusing on Tree Work, & Eurasian Tree Farm (ETF) focusing on Quality Tree supply.

Arboricultural Consultancy includes the Design, Installation, Maintenance (including Structural Pruning), Regular Inspection, Risk Assessment, Construction Protection & Legal Dispute of trees in an urban setting. EGHK has worked vigorously for Government & private sectors in this aspect, & is one of the busiest companies in our territory to provide these services.

Tree Work would include the execution of Pruning, Transplanting & Removal of trees. ETC has worked on some of the most difficult projects in our territory to include Old & Valuable Trees(OVT) & Roadside Trees for LCSD. Our abilities rank top in the profession in our territory.


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