Eurasian Garden (Hong Kong) Ltd (EGHK) was inaugurated in 1994 as a specialist Tree Care company apart from the parent company Eurasian Garden Ltd. which was set up in 1948.EGHK is the major sponsor of China Arborist Association (CAA, ( in the territory of Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan & China.EGHK primarily focuses on Arboricultural Consultancy, Tree Work & Arboricultural Training. Under EGHK, there is Eurasian Tree Care (ETC) to serve these functions.

Arboricultural Consultancy includes the Tree Design, Installation, Maintenance (including Structural Pruning), Regular Inspection, Risk Assessment, Construction Protection & Legal Dispute involving trees in an urban setting. EGHK has worked vigorously for Government & private sectors in this aspect, & is one of the busiest companies in our territory to provide these services.

Tree Work would include the execution of Pruning, Transplanting & Removal of trees. ETC has worked on some of the most difficult projects in our territory to include Old & Valuable Trees(OVT) & Roadside Trees for LCSD. Our abilities rank top in the profession in our territory.

EGHK has traditional connection with CAA, & its Director Mr. Sammy Au is also the Founder & Station Manager of CAA since 2004. EGHK practices international techniques & management for urban trees, & works to Safety Standards of ANSI z 133.1 for proficiency. Through CAA, EGHK has a vast network of local & international tree experts, to work along when demand exceeds local resources.

The Director of EGHK, Mr. Sammy Au, is the first Certified Arborist , first Certified Tree Worker in the China Region, & the first Board Certified Master Arborist (BCMA, & the first & only Registered Consulting Arborist (RCA, in Asia. EGHK has taken on many law cases in Hong Kong as Court Expert Witness since 2005.

EGHK distinguishes ourselves from common landscapers & gardeners with our capabilities & experience. Our abilities can compare with any international counterparts in our work.

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